Singapore Savings Accounts

Provider Rate Type
CIMB Singapore Savings Account

This savings account is the CIMB StarSaver that requires you to be at least 16 years or more and S$1000 minimum deposit.

It also requires to get the rate to top up the month-end balance of increasing ingbalance with monthly deposits of a minimum amount or putting periodic lump sum deposits.

Mar 2018
OCBC Savings Accounts

The rate is for the MSA Flexible Plan and requires a minimum monthly saving of $50 in increments of S$10 up with a maximum of S$5000. Note if you make any withdrawals, interest will be 0.1% a year in the month of withdrawal.

Feb 2018
Bank Negara Indonesia Singapore Savings Account

Rates apply to deposit balance above Sin$100,001.00

Jun 2018
Maybank Singapore Savings Account

Rate indicated is based on the Savings Account product and is for the remaining balance above S$50,000. The interest rate for the first S$50,000 is 0.1875%.

Jun 2018
SBI Singapore Savings Special Account

Rate indicated is based on the Savings Special Account product. This rate is for the balance tier of SGD50,000 and above. 

May 2018
Citibank Singapore Savings Account

Enjoy more interest � start saving your salary from a base rate of 0.01% p.a. and step up to 0.13% p.a.* when you save more each month.

Minimum Initial Deposit S$2,000

Aug 2019
DBS Singapore Savings Account

This rate relates to the DBS 'eSavings Plus Account'. It earns daily interest and includes a debit card. No initial deposit is required a required for individuals more than 16 years old. It has a fee of $2 if the balance falls below $1000.

Feb 2018
POSB SRS Account

This Interest rate is appliable for savings within this POSB Singaporean Supplementary Retirement Scheme SRS account.

Aug 2019
HSBC Singapore Savings Account

Minimum balance 4,999.99 SGD.

Mar 2017