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  • Q: Can we change old USD notes at BOA?

    Reply Jen from Singapore
  • Q: I am a US citizen resident in Los Angeles, CA. Is it possible for me to open a checking account in B of A in Singapore? I am an attorney and will use this account as an escrow to distribute approximately $X million (US) to various beneficiaries. If possible can I open the account from Los Angeles. I am already a US B of A customer

    Reply Jerald from Woodland Hills, United States
  • Q: My husband has a USA BoA account. Can I come in to the BoA branch in Singapore n be added to his account? I am an Australian citizen n am not a US citizen n do not have a social security number. Please advise Tara

    Reply Tara from Sydney, Australia
  • Q: Can we deposit USD cash over the counter to an account opened in America. If yes, what are the charges. Also, i am not the account holder. Please advise.

    Reply Geraldine from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: I have a few pics of old US$100 notes, can I change to the new notes or Singapore currency in your bank, please advice. Thank You very much.

    Reply Ooi from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: Can I open a bank account with BOA Singapore branch and the debit card can facilitate my drawings in USA atm or netts. I want to deposit cash from Singapore by using S$ or USD. What are the requirements for opening an account? Much thanks.

    Reply Ho from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: Is there a cheque drop mailbox at Bank of America office at OUE Bayfront for depositing USD cheque?

    Reply Tracy from Singapore
  • Q: Is your branch in Singapore able to redeem US savings bonds(EE series-paper). That would be so handy for me.

    Reply Todd from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Q: HI I want to to load credit in pearson vue account from singapore .I dont have account in your bank. I want to deposit cash from singapore by using singapore or usD .Is it possible .

    Reply bangladesh from Bangladesh
  • Q: Need advise on how to close account that open in USA? Presently I am not living there. Thanks

    Reply Chin from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: I have a BOA account was opened in United States , I want to close the account as I am back in Singapore. Please advise how yo do it. Thanks

    Reply Rosalinda from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: I have a BOA account in the united states and I wanted to close the account as I am back in Singapore. Please contact me and advise how to do it. Thank you.

    Reply Sze from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: I would like to re-set my BOA ATM pin number for my BOA debit card account opened in the USA. May I call the branch in Singapore to request for a new PIN?

    Reply Lois from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: Does BOC offer Cheque Encashment Services to HPI Sgp employees (cheques in US currency)?

    Reply Monica from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: Can I open a Bank Account with Bank of America Singapore branch? If yes what are the requirements for opening an account?

    Reply Lakmal from Sri Lanka
    • R: We would like to open Company Bank account at Bank Of America Singapore Branche, would you please take a moment consider and support us information can we open that trading Bank account in your Bank.

      Reply Han
  • Q: Hi I opened an account with Bank of America in the U.S., but have just moved back to Singapore. How can I go about contacting someone to help me with my online banking enquiries? I tried to call the number provided for customers in Singapore but to no avail. I have my SafePass activated, however this is linked to my US number which I no longer have access to. I need to do some international wire transfers online but am unable to do so since I cannot receive my SafePass code. Please advise, thank you!

    Reply Jia Yin from Singapore, Singapore
    • R: I face the same issue. Can someone please contact me?

      Reply Daniel
  • Q: Do you lend to Australian companies for purchase in Australua and at what terms?

    Reply Greg from Hobart, Australia