SBI Singapore

SBI Singapore (State Bank of India Singapore) is a foreign bank within Singapore that started operations in 1977. It is a subsidiary of the State Bank of India, India's largest commercial bank that is government owned and that was founded in 1806. Within Singapore, SBI Singapore has 7 bank branches, 24 ATMs and access through another 130 ATMs through the ATM5 network. It offers individual personal banking, corporate banking and NRI banking services (NRE / FCNB/ NRO Accounts) .

SBI Singapore offers loan, insurance, investment, remittance and deposit interest bearing products. These deposit products include but not limited to a term deposit account, basic savings account, basic bank account, kids savings account, checking account,  recurring deposit account, foreign currency term deposit, foreign currency current account and foreign currency account. 

Please note that some Singapore dollar deposits may be insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation up to a set limit. Please visit the SBI website for the deposit accounts that may be eligible for deposit insurance coverage.

You can contact their general banking enquiries telephone line on or 1800-724 7464 (SBISING) or (65) 6228 1116


SBI Singapore Services

Personal Banking

  • Bank Accounts
  • Deposits/Investments
  • Loans Insurance
  • Global Remittances

Individual Investments

  • Basic Savings Account
  • Term Deposit Account
  • High Interest Savings Account
  • Recurring Deposit
  • Unit Trust Funds

SBI Singapore Discussion

  • Q: I have a SBI savings account in Kolkata India. I have some 500 rupees note with me here in Singapore. Is it possible for me to deposit those notes here in Singapore against that Indian SBI savings account? Kindly confirm. Best regards,

    Reply Sucharita Datta from Singapore, Singapore