Bank of America Singapore

Bank of America Singapore

Bank of America Singapore is part of Bank of America, National Association one of the largest banks in the United States. It has a regional office in Singapore that offers wealth management services in the country.

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  • Q: Can we change old USD notes at BOA?

    Reply Jen from Singapore
  • Q: I am a US citizen resident in Los Angeles, CA. Is it possible for me to open a checking account in B of A in Singapore? I am an attorney and will use this account as an escrow to distribute approximately $X million (US) to various beneficiaries. If possible can I open the account from Los Angeles. I am already a US B of A customer

    Reply Jerald from Woodland Hills, United States
  • Q: My husband has a USA BoA account. Can I come in to the BoA branch in Singapore n be added to his account? I am an Australian citizen n am not a US citizen n do not have a social security number. Please advise Tara

    Reply Tara from Sydney, Australia
  • Q: Can we deposit USD cash over the counter to an account opened in America. If yes, what are the charges. Also, i am not the account holder. Please advise.

    Reply Geraldine from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: I have a few pics of old US$100 notes, can I change to the new notes or Singapore currency in your bank, please advice. Thank You very much.

    Reply Ooi from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: Can I open a bank account with BOA Singapore branch and the debit card can facilitate my drawings in USA atm or netts. I want to deposit cash from Singapore by using S$ or USD. What are the requirements for opening an account? Much thanks.

    Reply Ho from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: Is there a cheque drop mailbox at Bank of America office at OUE Bayfront for depositing USD cheque?

    Reply Tracy from Singapore
  • Q: Is your branch in Singapore able to redeem US savings bonds(EE series-paper). That would be so handy for me.

    Reply Todd from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Q: HI I want to to load credit in pearson vue account from singapore .I dont have account in your bank. I want to deposit cash from singapore by using singapore or usD .Is it possible .

    Reply bangladesh from Bangladesh
  • Q: Need advise on how to close account that open in USA? Presently I am not living there. Thanks

    Reply Chin from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: I have a BOA account was opened in United States , I want to close the account as I am back in Singapore. Please advise how yo do it. Thanks

    Reply Rosalinda from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: I have a BOA account in the united states and I wanted to close the account as I am back in Singapore. Please contact me and advise how to do it. Thank you.

    Reply Sze from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: I would like to re-set my BOA ATM pin number for my BOA debit card account opened in the USA. May I call the branch in Singapore to request for a new PIN?

    Reply Lois from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: Does BOC offer Cheque Encashment Services to HPI Sgp employees (cheques in US currency)?

    Reply Monica from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: Can I open a Bank Account with Bank of America Singapore branch? If yes what are the requirements for opening an account?

    Reply Lakmal from Sri Lanka
    • R: We would like to open Company Bank account at Bank Of America Singapore Branche, would you please take a moment consider and support us information can we open that trading Bank account in your Bank.

      Reply Han
  • Q: Hi I opened an account with Bank of America in the U.S., but have just moved back to Singapore. How can I go about contacting someone to help me with my online banking enquiries? I tried to call the number provided for customers in Singapore but to no avail. I have my SafePass activated, however this is linked to my US number which I no longer have access to. I need to do some international wire transfers online but am unable to do so since I cannot receive my SafePass code. Please advise, thank you!

    Reply Jia Yin from Singapore, Singapore
    • R: I face the same issue. Can someone please contact me?

      Reply Daniel
  • Q: Do you lend to Australian companies for purchase in Australua and at what terms?

    Reply Greg from Hobart, Australia